Unreal Engine Development

I have been working with the Unreal Engine for 4+ years using both Blueprint and C++.  As a result, I have created several multiplayer and singleplayer PC/mobile games, as well as 3D real-time applications.

  • Architected game systems such as a property system, character creation system, and player management systems (e.g. inventory, health, etc).
  • Developed game features such as basic procedural generation, mini-maps, vehicle movement, damage systems, and more.
  • Added NPC AI including behavioral trees and pathing.
  • Programmed applications with enough C++ in critical areas to be performant, but also enough Blueprint to be easily adjusted by designers.
  • Integrated runtime texture manipulation into existing applications.
  • Created plugins for various added functionality such as interfacing with the underlying Windows OS or integrating AWS SDKs into the project.