Cloud Infrastructure Management

  • Developed AWS Lambda functions to add serverless components to the desired architecture and communicate between different AWS services.
  • Integrated AWS DynamoDB into existing infrastructure that needed a scalable NoSQL database.
  • Added and configured AWS Cognito into applications to enable a full sign-up, login in, account service.
  • Deployed and managed AWS EC2 instances though GameLift.
  • Operated game servers on Vultr Linux instances.
  • Stood up many applications from scratch on Digitial Ocean servers including GitLab and various tech stacks.
  • Wrote Ansible playbooks that automate infrastructure/application deployment, intra service orchestration, etc, on both Linux and Windows targets.
  • Spun up LAMP stacks for WordPress websites on Google Cloud servers.
  • Used the Serverless Framework to deploy infrastructure stacks automatically when needed.