Will Wylie-Modro

DevOps Engineer / Unreal Engine Developer

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Hi! I'm Will.

Hi! I'm Will.

I have years of experience working as a DevOps engineer in areas such as CI/CD pipelines, automated testing & deployment, developing Python/Shell scripts, containerization of applications, and public & private cloud orchestration.

I have also been working with the Unreal Engine for 4+ years, using both Blueprint and C++. As a result, I have created / accelerated the development of many interactive 3D real-time simulations.

Additionally, I help guide project management and business decisions where appropriate.

I earned a B.S. in Physics and a minor in Business from UC San Diego.

How I can help

Setup your cloud infrastructure on AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, etc

Transition your stack to containers & dockerize your application

Setup a CI/CD pipeline to speed up development of your application

Write Ansible playbooks that automate application deployment & intraservice orchestration

Creating APIs with serverless calls to interact with relevant databases (AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB)

Write technical documentation for products/systems

Develop Python/Shell scripts for various infrastructure tasks

Build out the backend services needs of your multiplayer game

Create real-time 3D interactive experiences (game or simulation) for you using the Unreal Engine


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