Multiplayer Game Infrastructure & Programming

  • Programmed server-side gameplay logic for multiplayer games utilizing Blueprints and C++ in the Unreal Engine (UE4).
  • Built multiplayer projects with state synchronization, client-side prediction, and various types of interpolation to enable smooth gameplay.
  • Written Dockerfiles to spin up containerized UE4 game servers on Linux servers.
  • Worked with Steam’s API to enable server-lists, Steam stats, and Steam inventory.
  • Utilized AWS GameLift to manage and scale the EC2 instances running game servers.
  • Added and configured AWS Cognito into game clients to enable a full sign-up, login in, account service.
  • Wrote AWS Lambda functions to implement Matchmaking using AWS’s FlexMatch service.
  • Built a Unreal Engine-specific build, deploy, & launch pipeline with Perforce, Jenkins, and Epic’s BuildGraph tools